5 Self-Storage Recommendations to Utilize During the Hot Summer Months

Every year, approximately 40 million people in the U.S. relocate, with more than half migrating during the hot summer months. Those pondering a big move while the days are lengthier and the youngsters are out of school may have a desire to put some of their personal property in storage. Here are some “good-to-know” recommendations for utilizing a self-storage unit in warm climate during the hot summer months.

Protect objects that are vulnerable in extreme heat. Items such as photos, artwork, leather furniture, and many others are more vulnerable to destruction when the weather is scorching and humid. Consider leasing a climate-controlled unit or storing these and other types of heat-sensitive property with friends or family.

Don’t wait until the last minute because the summer season is peak storage season, it may not be easy to find a storage unit. Waiting too long may result in deciding for a unit in a less desirable location as well as having to pay higher prices during the high-demand summer season.

Take inventory. Storage units that are not temperature controlled can get sweltering. Establish a catalog of the stored objects with notes about where in the unit things are positioned. This can make it easier and speedier to find what you are looking for within the unit. Another tip is to keep frequently accessed items in well-marked boxes stacked around the perimeter of the unit for fast and easy retrieval and removal.

Pay for the unit in advance. Moves are frequently stressful, making it easy to let some things fall by the wayside. You may find it more appropriate to pre-pay for a unit to avoid a lapse in the lease and eliminate one task from your to-do list. As a incentive, the self-storage center may offer a discount for pre-payment.

Protect antiques and high-value items with specialized insurance. Even under the best circumstances and with careful planning, harm to personal property can happen. When storing high-value items or antiques, consider purchasing a stand-alone specialty collectibles insurance policy. When it comes to moving, there are numerous situations when having a self-storage unit can be a huge help. Following these warm-weather storage techniques can help improve safety, decrease stress, and better guard your stored property when the mercury climbs.